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Looking to pave your own way online but just need honest advice, knowledge and help? You’re in the right place...










Hey I’m Nicky. I'm the owner of Pave Your Own Way and I’d like to tell you more about us. More about why you should be confident about putting your trust in us to interpret your brand and deliver your new website.


I spent my mothering years telling my children relentlessly to ‘Pave Your Own Way.’ Be yourself, be brilliant and set your own unique foundations and journey in life.


I knew that one day I would also take this mantra and ethos out to businesses. Helping them be brilliant. Helping them to be unique and to pave their own way online. 


I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career leading specialist marketing teams to deliver offline and online marketing campaigns and websites. In all honesty I couldn’t have chosen a career more suited to my skills. I’ve also been lucky enough to employ and work with the best. 


Throughout my 20 years of managing marketing teams, realising the skills of people I could bring along to join me for the journey, meant the dream that once was, then in 2021 became a reality.

There was a definite place for ‘Pave Your Own Way’ to give small to medium sized businesses access to the skills and knowledge they so desperately need in order to thrive online.

Let’s start talking…



Our appraoch

Take a Deep Dive
That’s where we’ll always start. 


Taking a “deep Dive” into your business is where the foundations of the project begin.

As business owners it’s your chance to share your company vision, help us understand where your brand sits against your competitors, share honest insights into how you’re performing right now and ultimately get your business performing brilliantly online. For us when we begin this way it sets the foundations of a shared journey.

Brand Workshops
Gathering vital knowledge and getting your team on board. You'll never look back!


We believe that  involving your staff and management in the project right from the very start is quite possibly the most exciting, insightful and motivational stage of the project. Gathering your team's thoughts, knowledge and skills and presenting them effectively online is pivotal to any successful website. After all, we have a few seconds to engage and convert website visitors.  Ultimately it will be your team, those  who you’ve carefully chosen to employ that will help you achieve this. They’ll take pride and feel valued in being asked to contribute to the success of your website. 

Feedback from delegates on our brand workshop days…


“The workshop offered a safe environment to openly discuss our thoughts on the business, our values and how we want to be portrayed. Great job Nicky!”


“A very thought provoking day. Well structured and explored a whole host of different aspects of Mitre.”


100% of people say they felt at ease and their opinions were valued


100% of people acknowledge that the day opens up constructive debate and discussion

Paving your own way
Building you something special. Something unique. 


That’s what we’ll do next. Based on everything we’ve shared and learned from you and your team we’ll start to map out your website. We'll set your business's tone of voice, clearly help visitors navigate your products and services and ultimately get them to convert. Whether it’s giving them knowledge and advice, getting them to buy online, submit an online enquiry or call you, we’ll be focussed on ensuring your website achieves your goals.

Creation of Content
Words that flow…


Creating content comes naturally to us. After the discovery stages we’ll be equipped to write content on your behalf, that not only engages and wows your visitors, but most importantly that Google loves! We’ll write content using all the correct search terms (SEO or Search Engine Optimisation), ensuring that when users hit google search, your site is high on Google's agenda of pages to present! 

“Nicky’s style of writing really met with our brand style and represents us well. All new content blended seamlessly with existing content”

Looking good…
Design and build of your website


Time to interpret your online brand’s look and style. 
Suave and cool? Bright and breezy? Safe and sound? Whatever your style. Trust our website designers are the best. We’ll present concepts, get your nod and then we take giant steps into the delivery of your new website.

“Since changing the website over we’ve already had new customers contact us regarding our services, without spending on online adverts. Our content and product offerings are much clearer and the user journey now makes it easy for our customers to navigate the site.” 



Beachwood Park


Mitre Training Group




If you’ve found your business in need of a full marketing strategy and don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Most importantly you’re in safe hands!

A clearly defined Marketing Strategy will define your business goals and detail a schedule of marketing activity across various routes to market to achieve set objectives . Trust this is everything I know and love. There’s no doubt about it, a carefully planned marketing strategy is guaranteed to set the sturdy foundations for your businesses future growth.

If this is where you think you’re currently at, and as a starting point you have an urge to explore what my approach might be, I would love to have initial conversations with you.

It’s a great opportunity for you to check me and my experience out, suss out whether I am a fit for you and explore how I can help guide you through the marketing maze. Most importantly I’ll help you Pave Your Own Way.



Social media is a part of our everyday lives. Whether it be twitter, facebook, instagram or Linkedin, we all have our personal favourites!


Well start by assessing where your customers like to hang out? What do they want to see on their feeds that will nudge them to engage with your offering? Whether it be paid or organic posts, we’ll pick the battles that will deliver the greatest results.

We’ll formulate a social media plan on your behalf, ensuring it complements your overall marketing strategy. Then we’ll set to creating engaging content and scheduling posts, while continually monitoring the results. Based on what we see, we’ll continue to evolve your campaign concepts to achieve the best possible results. 


We’ll interrupt people's daily social media lives in a way they’ll come to love, building your following and engaging new customers.




We can't wait to hear from you.

Your journey begins here...

Pave Your Own Way



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