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Mitre Training Group



Mitre Training Group were in the early stages of growth for the two very distinct areas of their business; Government Funded Apprenticeship Programmes  and Spectator Safety Courses.

They were two entirely separate revenue streams, but navigation, design, content, user experience and the personality of their business was confused and somewhat lost on their existing website. Most importantly pages weren’t optimised to perform on Google, leading to poor performance in search and rankings. Subsequently website conversions suffered.

Our Solution

Essentially we started from the bottom up, and followed a website development process that would help redefine their brand and service offering online. 

Taking a deep dive with the Directors of the business, we quickly learned more about their current challenges, key competitors and their vision for the future of business. 

This was followed up with Brand Workshop involving staff from both distinct areas of their business. The day was a game changer, with staff contributing freely. A great day was had by all, with plenty of laughs and debate, but above all some amazing foundations discovered and a vision agreed for their future online success. These foundations were critical to the success of the project. 

Following this, the brand's personality and tone was proposed, a site map was agreed and design concepts were signed off. 

From here on in, on the basis of an intense and brilliant brand workshop we were able to deliver engaging content that website visitors and google would love!

Mission accomplished. This was a collaborative process throughout. It was time for Mitre Training Group to be confident in their personality and tone and move forward with a website that would attract visitors that would convert. 


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