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Why small to medium sized businesses need help and support when creating a new website…

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Don’t try to DIY your website - trust us tough lessons will be learned…

Creating a website for your budding business sounds simple doesn’t it?

There are numerous website building platforms out there that will give you access to ‘giving it a bash yourself’ so to speak. But sadly for many that is pretty much the start and end of their online success. Don’t be tempted. Let us explain why.

I’d liken it to thinking that you can build a house or highlight someone's hair when you’ve never done it before! People are specialists for a reason and that could not be truer when creating a new website. It's a complex task, a marketing maze, where many will forsake the critical stages of planning, ensuring the website delivers the correct content, to the right people and that google loves it! Trust we’ve got this sorted.

When you’ve got Google at the helm, with its mass of do’s and don’ts that you will need to adhere to, it’s a task that can’t be done by halves. Trust this is everything we know and love. We’ll teach you to know and love it too!

I know from personal experience that small to medium sized businesses need help getting online more than most. It’s such a shame that ‘big boy businesses’ have access to the ‘big boy agencies’ and the rounded end to end strategy advice they can provide. That is where we intend to butt the trend.

In a nutshell. The critical things a specialist team (Pave Your Own Way) will deliver that we know most small to medium business owners will need in order to thrive online.

  • We have an independent perspective - all emotions are removed! This is critical to assess content needs and attract the correct visitors.

  • Brand workshops - a motivational team building exercise that will ultimately set the foundations for online success!

  • Setting your tone - People want to do business with people and brands they trust and love. This just happens to be a natural knack we have!

  • Creating Content - This is more complicated than you would think. Creating content and pages that rank for searches relevant to your product or service is vital (SEO). We’ve perfected this art.

  • Experienced UX Designers - you know at the end of it all your site will be easy to navigate and will be looking good!

Have some initial conversations with us to get a feel for how we can help you get your business online. Trust it’ll be the start of an exciting online journey!

Drop us a line on 07890 532145 or submit an online enquiry form.

What have you got to lose?

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